3 Westmoreland Terrace,


Corona Virus (COVID 19) update

Reduced opening hours during lockdown period

Last Wash 5:30pm


In order to protect you and our staff, the following rules must be followed when using the launderette at this time which as an essential service will remain open during the current lock down period.
1. Do NOT enter if you have a cough, fever, or other corona virus symptoms. Please follow NHS guidance on self isolation.
2. No more than 4 customers in the shop at any one time.
3. Please stay at least 2 metres apart, which is 3 steps
4. No waiting in the shop for laundry or drying. Please make note of the time your washing is due to finish and return to dry and collect.
5. If you have been unwell, please wait at least 72 hours after symptoms have resolved before bringing in your laundry.
6. Service wash customers: please put your washing in the machine yourself. We will do the rest.
7. Our staff reserve the right to refuse entry, or ask customers to leave.

Please see this website for opening updates.

Normal Opening Times:

Monday to Saturday: 8 am to 7 pm

Last Wash: 6:10pm

Sunday: 8am to 6 pm

Last Wash: 5pm


SELF SERVICE: Coin-operated washing machines and dryers.

SERVICE WASHES: We will wash, dry and fold your laundry collect after 2-3 hours, all done for you..


Small 16 lb (7.3kg) load washing machines: £ 4.40

Large 30lb (13.6 kg) and 35 lb (15.9kg)
washing machines: £7

(ideal for duvets, beddings and double loads)

                                                                                                           Dryers £1 for 9 minutes

50 pence for 4.5 minutes

Service Wash Prices:
Small wash (16 lb /7.3 kg ) £ 12.50

Medium wash starts from £16.00
Large wash starts from £20.00

Dry Cleaning:
For your convenience we also offer a full dry cleaning service. Click tab for pricing.
Please allow 2-3 days.
Link to separate tab for prices

Shirt washing + ironing:
We offer a specialist shirt washing + ironing service
Next Day Service available
Single Shirt Wash & Iron £2.50
5 Shirts Wash & Iron £9.99

Other specialist services:
Duvets (need large wash + extended drying time)
Singe Duvet £13
Double Duvet £15

Wash time approx. 31 to 36 mins. Soap powder, fabric softener are available for sale.

Our experienced staff are available throughout the day to assist you.
The launderette is equipped with the latest fast spinning washing machines with twice the capacity of an average domestic washing machine and a highly effective wash time around 30 minutes.

Our water is softened so you require less soap.
The dryers are large capacity gas heated dryers which operate at many times the capacity of domestic dryers.


FINDING US: From Victoria take bus C10 to Sutherland Row bus stop.


Take any of 4 buses to Victoria Coach Station, walk along Buckingham Palace Road, to Sutherland Street and turn into Westmoreland Terrace.

 Please find our Google Map Location Below:


This shop has been run with pride by our family for more than 30 years.